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Flatbed Cider is pure craft cider, uniquely authentic to the Northwest in every way.

Our distinctive blend of whole-pressed orchard apples results in an uncommonly clean and balanced style. No artificial ingredients, no sugar added, no shenanigans. Flannel up and enjoy!


Northwest born and bred. Flatbed is produced in the Northwest using local orchard apples. The Northwest grows the crispest, most flavorful apples in the world. We take the fruit from the branch to bottle right on the farm, locking in fresh local flavor.

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Flatbed Crisp Apple Cider is all natural. Jonagold apples deliver the balance and acidity behind Flatbed’s exceptionally bright taste. Red Delicious apples provide tannin structure. Golden Delicious apples add a rustic apple character with a twist of subtle sweetness. And, heirloom varietals hand-selected from batch-to-batch add to the Northwest charm. With a taste that leans toward the drier side and delivers cool refreshment, Flatbed Crisp Apple Cider pairs with nearly anything that comes from the sea, farm or food cart.

  • 100% pure craft apple cider
  • 6.7% alcohol by volume
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No Shenanigans

Our secret ingredients grow on trees. No sugar added. No color added. No shenanigans.


This is craft cider. We hand-select a distinctive blend of apples to deliver Flatbed Cider's nuanced flavors and a drier taste-profile than most widely available ciders. We think farm-fresh rustic apple cider tastes better than apple candy.

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